What is the Regenerated Composite Cultural Space [Fe01]?

The element symbol for iron, 'Fe,' and eco-friendly artistic activities focused on upcycling (recycling) for the Earth's environment, together with the long-standing images of 'Ulsan, the Industrial City,' and 'Seosaengmyeon, the Nuclear Power City,' have given birth to 'Fe01.' 'Fe01' is the first space that combines social obligations and responsibilities for culturally and artistically revitalizing marginalized areas, such as 'Industrial City Ulsan' and 'Nuclear Power City Seosaengmyeon,' through culture, art, and 'experience tourism,' aiming to rejuvenate the vitality of the region and transform it into South Korea's representative 'K-junk art.

Meet Our Friend 'RooTaTTa'

“RooTaTTa" is the first Earth organism to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial beings who visit Earth every night from other planets and use discarded scrap metal and waste to build their cities due to environmental pollution on Earth.